ENNE Project: communication, cooperation and dissemination


ENNE Project is based on communication, cooperation and dissemination, the main steps to create a VET Network and lead on all stakeholders can be involved in.

The ENNE project will adopt a focused dissemination strategy, targeting different outcomes and products to specific target groups. The promotion of the activities and the dissemination of the results will be undertaken through all the media and communication tools to reach all needs of the final users. Local and international events will be organized to reach indirect target groups and to allow experts in VET and other stakeholders to confront the project issues.

Anyone wants get in contact and keep in touch with all the ENNE Project activities can subscribe on the monthly newsletters, discover the leaflet, as well as social networks as: Facebook and Twitter accounts and all respect social pages related to each partners involved in. The ENNE newsletter will present project progress and major outcomes, also informing about future activities and general news on the topic of the project.