Escola Secundária Francisco de Holanda


Francisco De Holanda Secondary School

Address: Alameda Dr. Alfredo Pimenta, Guimarães, 4814-528

Telephone: +351  253 540 130



Students: 1516
Staff: 171

VET Sectors

  • Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • Mechanics&Mechatronics
  • Informatics&Telecommunication
  • Chemistry
  • Eletronics
  • Food Production
  • Arts

Francisco de Holanda Secondary School is located in Guimarães and belongs to the Francisco de Holanda School Group, which includes in total 5 schools and an educational offer that goes from pre-school to the secondary education.

Regarding the vocational education, Francisco de Holanda School has a strong tradition on offering attractive and diverse professional courses. At this moment, this school offers 8 vocational courses, where the practical component is highly privileged. 

Always keeping in mind the labour market in the region of Guimarães and surroundings, Francisco de Holanda Secondary School trains specialized technicians, who complement their training in local renowned companies. These internships have proved to be essential for the students to successfully enter in the labour market.

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