Inspirational event on internationalisation in VET

After a warm welcome, the 29 guests were presented with a short film to get a first impression of international internships for schools. This first attempt was well received and set the tone for the rest of the event.

In the next phase, a lot of information was given about what internationalization is, how it works, which strategies are used and so on. The concrete actions that can be taken for pupils and teachers through the ENNE and ErasDu projects were also discussed. From WBL to internships, from foreign competitions to the invitation of experts for training. Special attention was also paid to ENNE’s MOOC and blended course, both aimed at strengthening the possibilities of schools to set up their own projects.

We are already convinced. But nothing is strong as a colleague who shares his experiences. Both management and teachers were interviewed about their experiences which were very positive. The added value for all involved, school, teachers and students was discussed. In addition, space was also made for some problems that could arise and the way in which these are dealt with by those involved.4

Finally, Nevin was interviewed. Nevin (apprentice) was in Italy at the time for an administrative internship. She shared what she had already learned and what her experiences were like. The enthusiasm was great.

All the information and experiences raised a lot of (mainly) practical questions among those present. Such as the supervision of students, the replacement of teachers during their absence, financial concerns, etc. In the end, time was made to answer these questions.

Would you like to rewatch the entire event? That is possible via this link.