Workshops for testing a Quality assurance framework for VET e-Learning was done in Sofia with VET practicioners and ECQ ltd. Bulgaria

The European Quality Centre and the State Enterprise “Bulgarian-German Centre for Vocational Training”, organized and delivered a workshop on the PERCEIVE project – developing a quality framework for online VET training, which held on 19.12.2022 (Monday) at 15:00 online.

The main objectives of the workshop were discussing and constructively refining the Framework for a higher degree of relevance in the field of VET, while during the workshop the participants were reviewing the Preliminary Version of the Quality Framework for Distance VET, managed to discuss and review the proposed key indicators.

The PERCEIVE project objectives are:

To propose a process-oriented lifecycle model for quality assurance in e-learning development and delivery (primarily in the VET sector).

Develop a quality assurance certificate to ensure that specific quality criteria are applied when designing or delivering e-learning solutions.

Provision of training materials for VET professionals to support the adaptation of the quality assurance framework in their work (when delivering e-learning).

The framework consists of 3 different Axis, namely students, teachers and staff and context. Each Axis is comprised by 3 to 6 Aspects, which cover all the topics that need to be evaluated in order to perform quality assurance activities.

Each Aspect is comprised by three sections. In the processes and procedures, we describe the content of the Aspect and we analyse all the topics that need to be considered by the evaluator in order to apply the PERCEIVE Framework. In the Actors section we mention all the different types of agents that are involved, in any way, in the quality assurance process. Finally, our monitoring system is comprised by the indicators and KPIs that need to be measured in order to apply the PERCEIVE Framework and evaluate the e-learning programme.

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