European Center for Quality


ECQ – European Center for Quality

Address: 1166 Sofia, Bulgaria 8 Racho Petkov Kazandziyata Str., ADORA Business Center, fl.6 BULGARY

Telephone: +359 2 971 89 30



ECQ, the European Center for Quality Ltd., based in Bulgaria, it gives highly professional consultancy help to its clients thanks to its qualified and experienced employees and using the rich international experience and know-how of its partners. 
The consultancy services offered from ECQ Ltd., are flexible according the needs and requirements of the firm’s clients. ECQ aims constantly to expand the range of its activities in accordance to the dynamic changes in the global economy of XXI century. ECQ goal is not only to support the development of its clients, but also to prepare them for forthcoming changes in the economic environment, that come from the accession of Bulgaria to the EU in 2007.
ECQ mission is to turn the business ideas of our clients into good project-proposals and to manage the approved projects in a way that guarantees their successful realization.

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