The upgrade2europe project national testing

The upgrade2europe project (ref. no: 2020-1-DE02-KA202-007626) is a strategic partnership between 8 EU organizations – emcra GmbH (Germany), Cyprus Project Management Society (Cyprus), European Center for Quality Ltd. (Bulgaria), PRISM Impresa Sociale s.r.l. (Italy), EU-Fundraising Association e. V. (Germany), Chamber of Commerce and Industry Csongrád County (Hungary), and Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia). The project intends to provide educational actors, SMEs and SMOs with the necessary materials to develop and implement their own Europeanisation strategies, thus intensifying their activities in Europe across national borders.

The project will provide various training materials and tools, including:

  • Process Model;
  • EQF curriculum;
  • Handbook;
  • Teaching and Learning Videos;
  • Digital Self-Assessment Tool;
  • E-mail course.

On the 17th of October started the testing phase of the upgrade2europe project that continued for 8 weeks. The participants of the testing were from ECQ team (in-house testing) as well as, from other organisations and associations (external testing). All participants explored the beta versions of the u2e products with the aim of gathering feedback and discussing suggestions for improvements. During the testing were presented the Process Model, Video materials, Handbook tools, Email course, and Self-assessment tool. Testers were asked to evaluate the applicability, relevance, transferability of all the resources and tools to their learning paths. The received back will be analysed and used as a basis for further improvement and of the project products and materials.

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