Royal Athenaeum Jean Tousseul

Royal Athenaeum “Jean Tousseul”

Address: Rue Adeline Henin 4, Andenne, 5300, BELGIUM

Telephone: +32 85 27 87 70



Students: 392
Staff: 80

VET Sectors

  • Business Administration
  • Graphics
  • Wood

The school is located in Andenne, a small and nice countryside town in the heart of Wallonia.

By the diversity of its educational offer (general and VET) and by the composition of its school population, secondary education is a reflection of the socio-cultural diversity of the city of Andenne. His human dimension makes him a school for everyone and a school for each one where the pupil can flourish according to his aspirations.

Students can follow general education such as Latin, science, economics, languages, mathematics or relating to the speaking arts in artistic education.

VET oriented fields allow learners to practice in our attractive workshops towards computer graphics, management / office or woodwork in cabinetmaking. Internship in companies are also organized in order to improve their skills.


latest news

Sustainable Development Goals

ENNE Project coordinated an international online conference on November the 9th named VET4FUTURE. The conference introduced to the future of vocational education thanks to Mr.

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