Royal Athenaeum of Sippelberg


Royal Athenaeum of Sippelberg

Address: Avenue du Sippelberg 2, Molenbeek, Brussels, 1080, BELGIUM

Telephone: +32 2 4143575



Students: 645
Staff: 96

VET Sectors

  • Business Administration
  • Fashion

The school is the result of splitting from the former Royal Athénée Serge Creuz, which was outgrown to be managed by one principal.

Located in Molenbeek, a municipality in Brussels that welcomed many immigrants in the 1960s and today welcomes migrants who have come to find refuge in Brussels. The school’s population is mainly of immigrant origin. Located in 2 sites, it offers general education and VET.


latest news

Sustainable Development Goals

ENNE Project coordinated an international online conference on November the 9th named VET4FUTURE. The conference introduced to the future of vocational education thanks to Mr.

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