Royal Athenaeum Brussels 2


Royal Atheneum Brussels 2

Address: Rue de Molenbeek 72, Bruxelles, 1020, BELGIUM

Telephone: +32 2 425 14 00



Students: 500
Staff: 45

VET Sectors

  • Business Administration
  • Business Services
  • Communication
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • Social Care
  • Chemistry
  • Public Relations

The Royal Atheneum Brussels 2, at the end of the 1st common degree, the students can choose to go to vocational education.
The main objective of this education is to enable the majority of students to acquire skills with a view to entering and adapting to the world of work while leaving the possibility, for those who so wish, of following a seventh year which could open the doors of higher education to them.
This establishment therefore opens its qualifying sections to the world of work by organizing formal and / or informal meetings with representatives of companies, organizations and associations related to the options organized.


latest news

Sustainable Development Goals

ENNE Project coordinated an international online conference on November the 9th named VET4FUTURE. The conference introduced to the future of vocational education thanks to Mr.

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