The Maker Schools project

The MAKER SCHOOLS project (Enhancing Student Creativity and STEM Engagement by Integrating 3D Design and Programming into Secondary School Learning) is a recent initiative to make students more interested in and better prepared for STEM studies and career in areas relevant to Industry 4.0. The project has developed several learning modules that could be used by teachers to design their own training, as well as by students who want to learn on their own:

3D Printing Technologies, Materials and Software Applications – introduces the basics of 3D printing

Designing 3D Models in Fusion 360 – provides step-by-step tutorials and sample hands-on exercises for designing 3D models in the classroom, specifically by using Fusion 360. It introduces the key features of Fusion 360 and guides the learners in working with sketches, using Fusion 360 commands, and creating 3D models.

Using Python to Enable Creative Explorations of 3D Models – guides the learners in developing simple games, while also learning to use Python in the process.

Using Python for Procedural 3D Content Generation for 3D Printing – focuses on procedural 3D content generation using a special Python library on top of the OpenSCAD 3D modelling language. By following the guidelines, the learners can create 3D designs of a chessboard with all its pieces, develop a simple mini 3D game of chess and practice using OpenSCAD for animating moves on the chessboard.