Transition from school to work


Last january the Business Management Department of ITE “Scarpellini” of Foligno (IT) organized a workshop with the experts of A.N.C.L.(National Labour Association).
The event was part of a School Project designed to help the transition of young people from school to the labour market, by increasing their skills and competencies within the framework of the labour market in Italy. The students also had the opportunity to practise standard procedures (such as payrolls, employment contracts etc).

The class was organized in 3 different meetings following a practise methodologies in which ones there are professional experts as: Mr Maurizio Tessenda President of National Labour Association, Emanuela Baroni, Paolo Biscarini, Beltrami Raffaello, Deloiso Rita, Salvadei Ivan and Camilli Giovanni that actively involved the participants to lead them in simulation texts to understand the real labour market situation.

The enthusiastically students feedback during the meetings (they prepared an employment contract and a paycheck) and the will of National Labour Association to go on by proposing other classes for students in the future, they are the best measure of effectiveness of the project and its achievements.