Vocational High School of Electrical Engineering, Varna


Vocational High School of Electrical Engineering, Varna

Address: Varba 24 Str.

Telephone: +359 0878657399

Website: www.pgevarna.com

Students: 615


  • Biotechnology

The Vocational High School of Electrical Engineering, Varna, was established in 1964.

It prepares specialists in electricity and computer jobs for the needs of various business sectors.

The majors taught are:

  • Electrical Installations, ù
  • Electrical Production ù
  • Equipment,
  • Industrial Electronics,
  • System Programming,
  • Computer Networks.

615 students are taught at the high school by 49 teachers.  An important part of their preparation is the upgrade of knowledge and skills through an internship. In 2010, a mobility was carried out under Leonardo da Vinci programme in the city of Leipzig, Germany. There, the students mastered additional knowledge and competencies related to VLAN networks and the respective protocols.

In 2013 we participated in the “Student Practices” project with 34 students at four Varna companies in the professions of software developer, computer system technician and electrical engineer. 94 students applied for the second stage of the project, 58 of which were elected to train at eight companies and the Varna Technical University. The vocational school also implements the project “New opportunities for my future”, under which it validates the knowledge, skills and competencies for the professions of electrical engineer, energy facilities technician, electronics technician, computer systems technician and software developer. We also participated in Erasmus+ programme with the projectEuropean experience and practices for high-quality vocational education” with a mobility of 20 students jointly with ADC College – London in 2015, implementing an internship in an actual work environment.


  • 2010 “Leonardo da Vinci” programme
  • 2013 Student Practices” project 
  • “New opportunities for my future” project
  • “European experience and practices for high-quality vocational education” project
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