Vocational School Center for Economy Dresden “Prof. Dr. Zeigner”


Vocational School Center for Economy Dresden “Prof. Dr. Zeigner”

Address: Melanchthonstraße 9, Dresden, Saxony, 01099

Telephone: +351 8045775

Website: www.zeigner-schule.de

Students: 1600
Staff: 100


  • Business administration
  • Business services

The BSZ for Economy “Prof. Dr. Zeigner” is a vocational school with emphasis in the area of trade and industry. It was restructured in 2009.

It consists of two parts – a main building in Dresden Neustadt and a branch office in Dresden Seidnitz. The vocational school is managed by the headmaster Mr. Konstantin Samaras, the Seidnitz branch office is managed by the head of the branch office Mr. Klaus Ulbricht.

The average number of trainees is 1.600 between 16 and 35 years. The catchment area covers the whole of Saxony. The school has 90 employees, all of whom are qualified teachers. The BSZ offers theoretical education and vocational training in different types of schools – the three-year vocational high school in the field of economics to obtain a high school diploma, the vocational school and the professional school.

The vocational school offers vocational training in the dual system within two to three years in several areas of training such as office administrator, specialist in labour promotion, notary’s assistant, assistant tax consultant, bank clerk, insurance business management assistants, social insurance assistant. There is close cooperation between the BSZ and the training companies.

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