How to create blended learning in VET?

Blended learning is not only up and coming since the outbreak of Covid-19. Blended learning is a mixture of presence and online learning and has many advantages for students and teachers. But how can you transform your lessons into a blended learning style?

The Erasmus+ project BlendedVET (Blended Learning Creations in VET Trainings) wants to support VET teachers with this transformation of existing training into blended learning or with the creation of blended learning trainings. To achieve this, we will develop different products between 2020 and 2022.

These products will be:

  • A Collection and research of blended learning best practices and methods
  • A Learning package for blended learning curricular creation
  • A Blended learning training program model
  • A Learning platform

Behind BlendedVET is a European partnership of organisations from France, Italy, Lithuania, Norway and for Germany the ENNE partner Wisamar. Accordingly, all materials produced will be available in the respective languages as well as English.
Check the project’s website to get the latest information: