“Multicultural work experience for successful career start”, JobStart

Twenty-one students and three teachers from three vocational schools (National High School in Finance and Business – Sofia, Vocational High School of Economics “G.S. Rakovski”Yambol and The School of Commerce – Burgas) took part in the project “Multicultural work experience for successful career start” – JobStart, № 2020-1-BG01-KA102-078660. The project is implemented within the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 1, VET Sector. The consortium is led and coordinated by the “Europrojects” Foundation – Sofia, Bulgaria.

Students underwent a two-week internship in the Spanish organization M&M Profuture Traning S.L. in the period 07-21 August, 2022. Beneficiaries increased their professional skills and competencies by preparing PESTLE and SWOT analysis, business plan, analysis of the organizational structure and different financing alternatives, application of brainstorming techniques and more. Moreover, participants increased their business English, broadened their viewpoint and learned about the Spanish culture and traditions.

The theoretical knowledge and practical skills were certified by a EUROPASS Mobility document and a Certificate of Professional Practice.

JobStart project promotes the interaction between the world of school and the business reality, stimulates the acquisition of skills and the achievement of personal development, invests in activities representing added value for young people and supports equal access for all to high-quality education and practice.