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ARTS&SKILLS – Formaçao, Consultoria, Inovação, LDA

Address: Estrada Nacional 105, n-º 247 H1.9 Covas Polvoreira, 4835-157 Guimarães, PORTUGAL

Telephone: +351 253 528 140



Arts & Skills is a private consultancy and training organization, operating also as a Hosting and Intermediary Organization in the field of European Mobility Programmes.
Based in the wonderful historic city of Guimarães, in the north of Portugal, and with a wide network of partners, we are able to organize high quality Internships, in several different fields, and provide all the necessary services to offer an amazing International experience to incoming learners.

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Digital Tools For Teaching

How to engage learners’ attention more effectively in an online environment? And what short exercises and creative activities can educators use? To help teachers and

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The Maker Schools project

The MAKER SCHOOLS project (Enhancing Student Creativity and STEM Engagement by Integrating 3D Design and Programming into Secondary School Learning) is a recent initiative to

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