We still remain open for you

Changes, even from distance it’s possible
Exchange, sharing, and interaction is the base for all the VET fields. The professional areas are allowing, for as many fields as possible, a wide proposition of continuous learning where young students want to learn can find personal fulfillment at an early age.

More than 3 billion people worldwide are confined dur to the COVID-19 pandemic. Factories and stores are closed all over the world, the streets are empty, and airports are closed. A dramatic situation which leads in fact to a drastic drop in human activities.

However, many sectors remain active, through telework or reduced teamwork, certain professional sectors suffer more than others from lack of manpower, over-staffing, endless days and for some, dangerous working conditions. For some it is completely impossible to practice. Despite this, many are preparing for post-confinement in order to be able to return to a life as we have always known.

The professional sector has been developing since the beginning of the quarantine, several methods such as home deliveries to be able to continue to exercise and not to shut down.

This Is why we invite you to be part of our European ENNE project, in order to create a network where professionals could meet and collaborate together in order to make their sector more attractive for the young people who are being formed.