Reshaping educational processes in secondary education


 The project “Innovative ICT-based training approach to reshape school education and training – sCOOL-IT” (project ref. № 2019-1-BG01-KA201-062543) is an Erasmus+, KA2 project in the field of School education, in which European Center for Quality, Bulgaria takes part.

The project is aimed at creating an innovative ICT challenge-based training approach for supporting educators in the process of conveying knowledge, promoting the development of key competences (digital, science, mathematical, etc.) among their students with regard to boosting their performance in these fields and enhancing their digital skills. To this end, the main target groups of the project are secondary school teachers & headmasters and secondary school students.

The project started on 01.10.2019 and is with duration 24 months. The main deliverables of the project will be: Web Adventure Portal, Comprehensive training programme and Web Adventure Development Toolkit.

The sCOOL-IT Training Programme will help teachers learn about the WebQuests Teachning Methodology and how they can integrate sCOOL-IT WebQuests in their school training curriculum. The Web Adventure Portal will offer WebQuests in 6 main fields in secondary education across Europe, namely: Mathematics & logics, Biological sciences, History and cultural heritage, Physics, Geography and Philosophy. Finally, the Web Adventure Development Toolkit will provide a comprehensive guideline for teachers and educators on how to develop own WebQuests on different topics and further improve their educational and pedagogic approaches. All developed materials will be available in 6 languages: English, Bulgarian, Italian, Greek, Portuguese and Dutch.

Secondary schools, which adopt the sCOOL-IT training approach will, strengthened their images as modern educational institutions open to the application of innovative teaching methods with regard to ensuring high-quality educational service for their students. Students engaged in learning by WebQuests in these schools will be more devoted and motivated in the learning process in general school subjects, which will lead to improved performance. Teachers in schools utilising the sCOOL-IT approach will increase their confidence in applying constructivist teaching methodologies and using ICT for teaching purposes, which will result in desire to further enrich their pedagogic approach with new teaching and assessment methods. The cumulative impact of the aforementioned will be expressed by boosting the educational service offered by secondary schools applying the sCOOL-IT challenge based approach.

Partners in the project are various institution with complementary experience and expertise:

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