Resources for students and teachers during coronavirus closures


I.S.S. “G. Penna” of Asti (Northern Italy) is making use of numerous online resources that learners can access to turn the coronavirus home isolation into a great learning experience. 

As a wide variety of free technology tools are available to support online education, the School is promoting online communication and interaction between teachers, students and parents though: 

  • Electronic class register;
  • Messaging Tools (e.g. Whatsapp);
  • Google Classroom: aimed to help organize day-to-day tasks, communication, and foster greater collaboration;
  • Edmodo: aimed to help teachers get started with distance learning.

Every week, our teachers prepare specific training material and resources to share with their classes and they also create and make video lectures.  The teachers schedule Meetings with Zoom Website, they use Zoom or Meet for remote and online learning.

They also benefit from the classroom app Socrative to review students’ understanding as well as monitor and evaluating the learning process.

Both students and teachers are very satisfied with online learning. The main weakness of online education is the internet connection, In fact, although the majority of students has internet access, the quality of the connection is bad and it may affect the learning process.