Workshops for multiplying QAS practices were conducted in 2 Bulgarian network schools

The QAS international training was conducted for ENNE member in Sofia (May 2022) and as a continuation of it, each of the 17 participants from the 5 countries were to conduct and multiply the methodology for quality assurance in their own working environment by guaranteeing that the essence of the training and its objectives to ensure proper and quality conducted international mobilities in the field of VET.

In September 2022 in 2 partner schools such trainings were conducted where altogether above 40 VET practitioners were informed and involved in local workshops to be trained and get acquainted with the basics of quality requirements. VET quality standards and the essence of international mobilities.

Most of the participants ensure the information that was presented was useful and new to them. All participants were encouraged to register and use of EUCKEM – European Knowledge Center for Mobility. It is a platform developed by international practitioners for fellow practitioners. In the platform, one can find easily-accessible, comprehensive and practical information on how to organize and manage a quality mobility project step-by-step, we support beneficiaries interested in going abroad and in addition, we want to facilitate partner search on the basis of clear information about the placement offers and shared principles for quality mobility projects.