Corona effects on vocational training in Germany


What influence do corona-related economic developments have on the training market? The Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) is examining this question in a new study based on a scenario analysis and presenting risks, consequences and possible courses of action.

The study begins with a look back at the past and shows what consequences are to be expected for the training market as a result of the economic slump. It then presents scenarios that describe the supply of and demand for training for the cut-off date of 30.9.2020 – depending on various assumptions regarding future economic development. In addition, it will be explained who is particularly affected by the corona effects, both in terms of school-leaving qualifications and in terms of the sectors in which they (will) operate. Finally, the study derives recommendations for action for policy makers.

The study Effects of the “Corona Crisis” on the dual vocational training system – Risks, consequences and need for action is available for download as a preprint in German.