Back to school?


Since 22 April 2020 the first students in Saxony are back at school. This mainly concerns the graduating classes preparing for their final exams. However, as Germany has a federal system there are differences in when and how pupils return to schools.

In most federal states there will be no regular classes, only subjects relevant to the exams. Hygiene plans include divided classes, staggered breaks, delayed lessons, greater distances between desks and stricter cleaning requirements.

At the ENNE partner Susanna Eger School for example there are max. 14 students in one classroom, specific route plans through the school building were marked to avoid crowds and updated lesson plans were published because now more rooms and teachers are needed for each class.

Final exams should be carried out as planned. At the present time, this is certainly an even greater challenge. Therefore we wish good luck to all teachers and students, especially those doing their final exams these days.