The present is now!


The present is now, not tomorrow. The world is rapidly changing but, instead of chasing everything without even thinking, we should stop and live the present. Right now. We have the chance to enjoy the moment and think about what we can do to build something different.

All over Europe schools have been suspended. All of a sudden, enterprises and service companies have stopped working and only few strictly necessary activities had been authorized to continue.  

Therefore, we had to turn on our computers and we had to learn how to listen to our teachers following virtual lessons, how to do online quizzes and digital homework. We had the chance to discover the endless power of the world of the web, understanding that, even though our real lives had to stop, we were offered a window on the world to continue our projects. 

Each country is facing this pandemic situation with all the necessary means to contain difficulties.

ENNE Project has analyzed and tried to understand what Europe is living at the moment, providing all the information on how VET high schools have organised themselves in the partner countries: Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and Bulgaria. 

We are united in sharing both the difficulties and the opportunities that the institutes in our network are experiencing. Thanks to our project, each school can share and tell what they are living and how their teachers and students are reacting to remote learning and online school. 

How is teaching changing? What can we benefit after this “revolution”?