European Strategic Plan Implementation : “Web Marketing Accelerator” training course

Into the Erasmus+ KA3 Digital Tourism Project, the High School “Scarpellini” (Foligno-Italy) organises a training course on “Web Marketing Accelerator”.

The course will be lead by Valentina la Magna, teacher at the school and expert in Web Marketing. The course is organised in 10 classes totalling 30 hours – 3 hours per lesson. The first part is focused on theorical studies which will be followed by practical exercises to allow the students to achieve the necessary skills to work on the High School’s social editorial plan until the end of the school year.
The tutor and other teachers will monitor all students.

The main mission is to guide all students to develop a web marketing strategy to be used in the tourism sector. They’ll have a work experience in the related enterprises and they’ll acquire skills to be used in the labour market. The first four modules are focused on the web competencies: introduction, communication styles, advertising in 2020 and CRM (Customer Relationship Management – a process in which a business or another organisation administers its interactions with customers, usually using data analysis to study large amounts of information). The course will begin shortly and fourth- and fifth-grade students will get involved. The internationalization plan developed by school allows to include all different activities that will be carried out by the school. The skills the students will acquire within the course on Web Marketing will be immediately applied. When they will conclude their studies at school they will be involved in work experiences abroad – in July and August 2021.
The opportunity is within the European Project KA116 “W.I.I.P. Widenening Inclusion and Internationalization Plan” and allows the fifth-grade students to have a five-week trasnational work experience in specialised enterprises. Fourth-grade students will instead implement what they have learned next year. In the meanwhile, they will go on by updating all school communication channels. In September and October 2021 they will be included within the KA116 UPVET, Carta della mobilità (Mobility Card), and they will have a five-week work experience abroad in specialised enterprises as well.