Economic and Technical Institute F. Scarpellini


ITE “Feliciano Scarpellini” – Upper Secondary Technical Vocational Institute

Address: Via Ciro Menotti, 1, N/A, Foligno, Umbria, PG, 06034, ITALY

Telephone: +39 0742 21233



Students: 735
Staff: 116

VET Sectors

  • Business Administration 
  • Marketing
  • Tourism

ITE “Feliciano Scarpellini” is an Upper Secondary Technical Vocational Institute  located in Foligno, Umbria, which is a very interesting area in term of history and nature, with a medium industrial development. 
The courses of the Institute are focused on Economy. Four main branches are working at the moment. They are Administration, Financing and Marketing, Information Technology Enterprise Management, Tourism and Marketing International Relations.

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