LTI Oedelem Land- en tuinbouwinstituut

LTI Oedelem Land- en tuinbouwinstituut

Address: Bruggestraat 190, west-vlaanderen

8730, Oedelem, Belgium

Telephone: +050 350984




  • Agriculture
  • Education

Main working field(s) of the Job-shadowing activity

We are a secondary school and we provide lessons in nature, plants, agriculture and sciences. Our school is in the middle of a rural area nearby the woods. But not that far from the beautiful city of Bruges too.

Good practice or activities to share

We like to show how we work at our school. We would like to take you on a journey through our different fields of study. You can either visit a farmer whom we work with. You can learn more about plants and their environment. We would like to show you how micro-organisms are capable of making beer or cheese. You can even check out different types of natural areas where we help to conserve nature. Maybe you like to learn more about how to build up a garden. At our school, we love to be outside. We really appreciate nature in all its glory.

Expectations for future collaborations

Maybe it’s possible to learn more about how agriculture works in your country.

Expectations regarding the profile of staff to host

We’re looking for someone who loves to be outdoors. Someone who can relate to younger people (12 till 19 years). The person who wants to visit us should like to work with his/her hands, someone who’s interested in nature, animals, agriculture and science.

Overall program for the job-shadowing opportunity

Every day there will be a project you can follow. We would like to show all our fields of study 

  • a project in science: biotechnology 
  • a project in plant: landscaping/knowledge of plants
  • a project in the conservation of nature: physical practice how we conserve a specific area 
  • a project in agriculture: you can help out in our greenhouses at our school 
  • a project with animals: you can visit a farm en help out with our students each project takes up to half a day.

The other half of the day you can meet with teachers of other courses. You can meet with the headmaster. There will be possibilities to visit the city of Bruges.


We have 2 school holidays in this period. In these holidays it’s not recommended to come, because the students are at home. The first holiday is from the 26th of February until the 6th of march. The second holiday is from the 2nd of April until the 18th of April. Anything between or after these holidays is possible.

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