From ITE “Scarpellini” to Lithuania

After a long pause due to the pandemic, the students of ITE Scarpellini in Foligno are finally back on the road again, thanks to a partnership project entirely focused on climate change.
In October 2021 in Lithuania, took place the first meeting of the transnational experience, focused on “The Factors Influencing Climate Change”. A small team of teachers – Vanessa Sabatini and Ines Torresand – and pupils – Cecchetti Denise, Kulli Serena and Romano Graziella – hosted by the school “Panevėžio 5-oji gimnazija”, in Panevėžys.

The Italian school had the opportunity to see folk dances, listen to Lithuanian songs and see a presentation show.
All Italian team, together with the other partners from Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Portugal, took part in a training course and exchange of good practices aimed at raising awareness among the participating schools on the issue of climate change, especially on water quality and pollution.

For five days, the pupils have been involved in a series of activities such as the collection and analysis of water samples at various sites around Lithuania, the discovery of symbolic places as a visit to the Pasvalys sinkholes and the company responsible for water distribution in the surrounding towns.
They were also able to take part in making handicrafts with recyclable materials at the school’s workshops, using techniques such as collage and composing with natural flowers to create decorative objects.


A very interesting visit was the city of Vilnius, the Pašiliai reserve, where it was possible to see bison in the wild, and the medieval capital of Lithuania, Trakai, and its Red Castle overlooking Lake Galve, one of the most beautiful places in the country.
Thanks to all the activities carried out, the students had direct contact with nature and interaction with teenagers from other cultures, the importance of sharing good practices to protect the environment and thus become citizens of the world, responsible and aware of the risks of our planet.
At the end of this training course, the students of ITE Scarpellini also enriched their skills in English, a fundamental tool for communication between the participating partners.
In May, Turkey will host the partners in the evocative backdrop of the city of Istanbul, and other students and teachers will be involved.