Humanist Technicians an all Italian vision on how to make Technical Education effective


The Istituto Tecnico Economico “Scarpellini” of Foligno won the first prize in the competitionCommediando” established on the occasion of the Days that celebrate the Italian poet “Dante Alighieri”.

The students of the five schools located in Foligno had to realize a presentation based on the first Song of Hell written by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, which was printed for the first time in Foligno.

The experimental short film represents the journey as a metaphor for life, combining various expressive languages such as music, images, choreography, and acting.

The message included in the project realized has been commented as a “magnificent work” from the Jury. The message is based on the courage to undertake an inner journey by destroying the cave surround us every day to conquer again our personal identity.

It was very important for students led by their teachers during this experience. 

In Italy, humanistic vision is very important and it is the base for any other studies anyone wants to follow. Economic crisis, sustainability and social questions could be resolved by a humanist guideline and approach.

This is the first step to help individuals who have argumentative skills, to reflect, to confront and question themselves, to assume the point of view of the other, to develop innovative solutions with respect to the contexts in which our problems arise.

In a European comparison on Technical and Professional Education we are therefore here to highlight the Italian model, in which “culture” is not seen as an unnecessary investment.

As it has always been in our history, accompanied by undisputed geniuses such as Leonardo or Galileo, Humanism is the lifeblood to forge flexible, open, and creative minds that can also help companies and the economy.

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