Wanted: Good Practice examples Blended Learning


Have you already used blended learning effectively or do you know of a successful implementation of this teaching and learning approach? Then we would be very pleased to get your support. 

For the KA2 project “Blended Learning creation in VET trainings” (short: BlendedVET) we are looking for good examples from the field of integrated learning for our best-practice collection.
We – this means partner institutions from 5 European countries, who are active in the above mentioned Erasmus+ KA2 project since September.
The aim of the project is to provide teachers in vocational education and training with tools to make their lessons more interactive and “blended“. Therefore we are collecting good practices from different fields in advance in order to learn from them on the one hand and to sort them and make them available as examples on the other.

Support us with your good practices! We kindly ask you for a short description with the following information:

– What does the good practice include and what are its objectives?

– What was the target group?

– How was it implemented?

– Hurdles and difficulties and how they were overcome

We are looking forward to receiving your examples to: susanne.lehr@wisamar.de

Project title: Blended Learning creation in VET trainings (BlendedVET) 

Project number: 2020-1-FR01-KA202-079830