The Institute “G.Turrisi Colonna”, how to build a school strongly linked with the labour market


For many years now, the High School “G. Turrisi-Colonna, thanks to the support of Professor Antonio Caponetto, has been developing a business culture project that is integrated with the collaborations that each classroom enters into with companies.

Third-year students at school start a course focusing on the concepts of company, business, profit and loss account, marketing, and fourth-year students specialize in start-up design from the idea to the pitch, which means from the presentation of the business project to the accelerator aiming at obtaining financing.

The best ideas will be evaluated by the best experts, some of whom are partners of the PCTOs (courses for transversal competencies and orientation), in order to create a real development laboratory in the school.
The students have to present their ideas in 3 minutes in front of experts, simulating a real challenge.
Clearly, the aim is to get them to develop an attitude to entrepreneurship and to see if these ideas can be implemented by creating a real entrepreneurial path.
The results show that some students have been placed in the labour market and in start-ups, while others have started working in digital communication.

During this school year, the school was able to link directly with the labour market thanks to apprenticeship contracts. In the same vein of entrepreneurship, marketing and communication, a PCTO agreement was made with a marketing company, which then hired fourth-year students from the language course.

All of this allows creating a real center of competencies, which provides students with a learning offer that meets the current demands of the labour market, i.e. knowledge of languages, problem-solving and the ability to work in a team.