#ITKAM4EUROPE: “digit” project recruitment of testers for toolkit#1

Since January 1, 2022, ITKAM – Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany is the coordinator of the DIGIT project (DIGItal Transformation of Internationalization process), funded by the German National Erasmus+ Agency NABIBB.

DIGIT has emerged as a response to the COVID -19 pandemic situation, which has required SMEs in the agrifood sector in particular to rapidly strengthen digital skills in the sales and marketing process. These companies have had to adapt to digital marketing strategies and develop and implement new online or hybrid events within a few weeks.

DIGIT aims to develop three OERs training materials (Open Electronic Resources) for internationalization experts (e.g. employees of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Chambers of Commerce Abroad) and for internationalization trainers (e.g. teachers at vocational schools for foreign trade or trainers at Chambers of Commerce and Industry).



The first of the three OERs training materials is Toolkit #1. This toolkit will provide a guide for experts and educators in the internationalization field and will address content including:

  • Use of online research tools for target markets.
  • Use of social media for sales and internationalization campaigns
  • Use of B2B platforms
  • Data protection compliance (GDPR)



ITKAM is looking for testers with the following profiles for Toolkit#1:

  • Export managers in medium-sized companies in the agricultural sector.
  • Experts for international trade
  • Vocational school teachers and trainers in the field of foreign trade

Internationalisation experts will implement the Toolkit#1 at SMEs they serve as clients. Teachers will deliver the Toolkit#1 content to their learners. Selected testers can benefit from all three OERs training materials in advance and free of charge.

Toolkit#1 is an online course with approximately 10 hours of learning time. Testing will take place in September/October 2022. The available places for testing from Toolkit#1 are:

35 trainers/educators as well as teachers in vocational education and training.
35 places for export managers/event planners and trade experts

Apply as a tester for Toolkit #1 until June 30, 2022 at this link: https://www.f6s.com/digit-expression-of-interest/apply

Ms. Raffaella Saviori (rsaviori@itkam.org; +49 (0) 69 971452 42)
Ms. Sonia Barani (sbarani@itkam.org; +49 (0) 341 98972513)