Job oriented students


Since October 2018 the ITE Scarpellini- Foligno, is carrying out an important collaboration with ANPAL SERVIZI, a public law body supervised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies which operates in the field of active labour policies. Among its many activities, there is also that one promoting the strengthening of the role of schools, universities and vocational training institutions in the development of paths of school-work alternation and transition education-training-work.
The association is therefore born from the need to imagine a school in continuous synergy with the world of work, both Italian and European, and that prepares students increasingly aware and able to take their first steps in the field of work.
With this in mind, a PCTO/WBL team has been established that meets weekly and that, through workshops, laboratories and frontal training, is developing a plan and strategies that connect school training with the needs of the productive world, not only for PCTO experiences but also in view of the placement of students in European companies that welcome them during the Erasmus+ mobility.

Based on this, a sort of database of Learning Outcomes / Learning Units is being created, referring to the outgoing profiles of the Institute, to which it will be possible to refer in order to match the demand of companies with the supply proposed by the Institute.
Another interesting initiative concerns a laboratory activity entitled “The curriculum vitae. How to enhance the skills acquired and understand their expendability in the MDL”.
The target audience will be classes IV and V of our Institute and the objectives are different: first of all to ensure that students are aware of their skills and that they know how to enhance them also thanks to the Curriculum Vitae, and also to give students the ability to orient themselves and acquire tools and skills to successfully face the active job search.
Through workshops in synchronous and asynchronous mode, the students, divided into groups of 25 students, will analyze examples of significant cases, examine the concept of skills and deepen their knowledge of some professional profiles, until drawing up their Curriculum Vitae in European format and the letter of presentation.