Lepido Rocco Foundation


Lepido Rocco Foundation

Address: VIA LEPIDO ROCCO NR. 6, Motta Di Livenza, 31045

Telephone: +39 0422867511

Website: lepidorocco.it

Students: 1600
Staff: 160


  • Business administration (ex. secretary)
  • Business services (ex. logistics)
  • Marketing
  • Tourism
  • Mechanics, mechatronics
  • Informatics and telecommunication
  • Graphics
  • Communication
  • Electronics
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Social care
  • Industrial and crafts
  • Food production
  • Sports
  • Education

Lepido Rosso Foundation, is a VET training agency with 5 Training Centres for more 1600 students (3,4,5 EQF level) and 160 Teachers, an Association with local entrepreneurs registered in Motta di Livenza (TV) and Vet provider of Clinicals requiring building capacity of teachers/facilitators in health care, technologypedagogy integration for improved teaching and learning.
It was founded in 1905 by the Prof. Lepido Rocco in which a first version of a wide harmonised education programme for VET provider has been developed using a strategic training concept “learning by doing”.
In this new concept the needs of wellbeing. The aim of the LEPIDO ROCCO is to coordinate continuing development of the training concept and to provide relevant quality standards for trainers, the thoughtful application of ITC to significant improvements in global system and so prototype, programmed-computer systems used for lessons, workshops and training materials. The purpose of the FOUNDATION is to guarantee up-to-date, comparable, and ECVET recognised training in IFP tailored to meet
the needs of project users. LEPIDO ROCCO has implemented EU Projects on Training and Professional Development of Teachers/Facilitators in the Effective Use of ICTs-CLIL for Improved Teaching and Learning also developing assessment tools and conducting assessment,
LEPIDO ROCCO guarantees the level and comparability of training carried out industry engagement activities. FONDAZIONE LEPIDO ROCCO organises events to promote exchange between specialists and experts in the field of EU Policy. FONDAZIONE LEPIDO ROCCO develops, promotes and disseminates “excellence on VET training
methods for Tourism and catering to better teamwork”, promotes international collaboration in VET training teams.
An executive board consisting of a president, 1 Director/CEO and two vice-presidents run the FONDAZIONE LEPIDO ROCCO. They are well interconnected worldwide to other training providers, education organisations and wearable technology institutions such as Universities, R&D departments of digital business innovation metholodog .
FONDAZIONE LEPIDO ROCCO is a European non-profit association, devoted to support their members (HEIs, SMEs, NGOs, PAs, Social Institutions) to promote the intra-European
advancement of fundraising and with resources in project management and training competence. Through its rich network of transnational partners in the 27 countries of the enlarged
Europe, Lepido Rocco favours international connections and contributes to the innovation and competitiveness process of the local systems. LEPIDO
ROCCO pioneers approaches to formal and non-formal learning to enable personal growth as well as inclusive and sustainable change in organisations and territories.


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