From Germany Ecological sustainability in project management

How green is the management of your project? What do you consider when you organise training sessions or events? What kind of marketing and dissemination materials do you use for your project? How do you travel for a project?

The Think Twice! project, implemented under the Erasmus+ programme, want to encourage you to think twice about your day-to-day activities in managing (not only) European funded projects and the impact they might have on the environment.

The outputs will be:

  • Curated Treasury of good practice in ecologically sustainable project management. The Treasury will inspire you to find solutions within your own organisation and provide you with enough information for you to make conscious decisions.
  • Stress Test of current practice leading to a personalised Learning Pathway. Based on the contents of the Treasury, an interactive Stress Test “How green is the management of my project?” will be developed to test the ecological sustainability of your own project management.

There are 8 organizations from Europe in the partnership of Think Twice!, coordinated by Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gGmbH. At their first meeting, the partners agreed that much of their current practice in project management could be improved and made more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

So stay tuned and Think Twice! with