VET Schools at EU Parliament


Royal Athenaeum of Sippelberg, part of the ENNE Project, has been invited to the EU Parliament in order to support Belgian youth that were involved in the RAYSE project.
The Project aimed the election of youth ambassador for active citizens of second-generation migrant. Looking also to the current contemporary problems about European integration, all organisations involved in the project have considered extremely important to bring attention to the second generation European citizens to know better their stories, tackle obstacles and face challenges they meet in their country. Storytelling will be the main method that will be used.
The Royal Athenaeum of Sippelger’s student has been selected (together with 5 others) to represent the voice of Belgian migrant in the European Parliament. All the school was proud to share that moment with him.
During this event, the students had the opportunity to listen EU policy makers and parliamentarians such as Maria Arena, Marc Tarabella and Brando Benifei. As the main topic was the youth and migrant, they were very interested in the discussions as they were talking about their life and their experiences such as unemployment for youth with a migrant background, and the role that EU plays in order to reduce those inequality.

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