Yambol, a city in the south-eastern region of Bulgaria


Yambol is a city in the south-eastern region of Bulgaria and is the capital of the Yambol Province, a region bordering with Turkey. With roots dating back to ancient Thrace, Yambol has a rich history but is a thoroughly modern town.

One of the symbols of the city of Yambol is the ancient Tracian site of Kabile.

Kabyle was established four thousand years ago and is a major archaeological attraction today. People consider the archaeological reserve as one of Bulgaria’s top 100 attractions.

Parts of the site are beautifully restored and give you a feel of what it looked like in the different periods – pre-historic, Thracian, Hellenistic, Roman. The Kabyle Archaeological Reserve is located about 10 km from the city of Yambol.

Yambol is also famous with the spectacular kukeri festival.


Every year in February, Kukeri mummer groups from all over Bulgaria, gather in Yambol to participate in a pageant and competition. The event is called ‘Kukerlandia’ and is most commonly known as the Yambol Kukeri Festival. In the Bulgarian tradition, the masked dancers both imitate and repel demons and other evil influences. They purify village homes and welcome the spring. The date varies from year to year.

Medieval Yambol Fortress


It is assumed that the Yambol fortress was built in X-XI century, after the fall of Bulgaria under Byzantine rule

Artefacts from two other settlements, dating between the periods of the IV-VI century, were found after several archaeological studies of the region.

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