Nursery, Primary, Middle, High School “Beato Simone Fidati”

Nursery, primary, middle, High School “Beato Simone Fidati”

Address: location “la stella”, Cascia, 06043 PG

Telephone: +39 0743 76203


Students: 107
Staff: 25


  • Tourism
  • Mechanics, mechatronics
  • Energy
  • Informatics and telecommunication
  • Electronics
  • Environment

Our School was born in 1998 as a Primary and middle school. It is situated in a mountain area inside the Valnerina (Umbria Region); Later in 1999 the vocational high school was added and in 2016 the Liceo Scientifico became part of the Organization.

Most of the students come from the little town of Cascia and Norcia ( they attend high school) and other small villages nearby.

The relationship among students and teachers are good, and when they finish vocational school the students are able to find suitable jobs in their sectors while students who attend the Scientific school decide to go to diverse unis.


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