Vocational High School of Economics „Georgi Sava Rakovski“

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Vocational High School of Economics „Georgi Sava Rakovski“

Address: 4 Pirin Str. Yambol, 8600, Bulgaria

Telephone: +359  046 663 109

Website: pgi-rakovski.com


Students Number 320
Staff Number 30


  • Business administration

  • Business services

The Vocational High School of Economics G.S. Rakovski (VHSE) was established in 1963 and is the only school in the Yambol Region where the following majors are taught:

  • Economic Informatics;
  • Customs and Tax Administration;
  • Operational Accounting;
  • Economics and Management;
  • Business Administration.

There are currently 380 students, taught by 30 highly-qualified teachers in the different fields – general education and special classes. The students study the following subjects:

  • Company Accounting – Theory and Learning Practice;
  • Budget Accounting, Finance;
  • Trade Accounting;
  • Law;
  • Company Economics;
  • Study practice;
  • Statistics;
  • Computer processing of financial and accounting information;
  • Entrepreneurship, Business foreign language;
  • Financial and Tax Control.

One of VHSE’s main aims is to form a new type of economic thinking and preparation of adaptable staff through providing education in line with state and European requirements. The high school’s students actively participate in learning contests and competitions. They have won leading national competitions in accounting and for several years have been first at the Olympiads in civil education and geography.

Every year students from our school are actively involved in the “Manager for a Day” initiative. After graduating from the high school, over 90% of the students go on to study at economic higher education institutions in Bulgaria and prestigious universities abroad. Their future professional fulfillment is related to financial and banking institutions, accounting firms, and administrative management activities.

The skills and experience acquired make them sought-after and competitive specialists. The students have intensive English studies, and learn a second foreign language – French and Italian. In 2015, the high school was invited to participate at Euroscuola and after its successful performance at the competition, 24 students visited the European Parliament in Strasbourg. In 2017, we completed our participation in the project “Work in Europe – skills for success”.

Up until now, the high school continues participating in international projects. In the summer of 2018, 10 students from our high school took part in the project “Workshop to study Spain’s experience in the benefits of dual learning and practical training in actual foreign-language work environment” and had a three-week study internship in Saragossa, Spain.
On 12 January 2019, a team of 5 students took part in the Euroscuola competition and won travel and participation for 24 students to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. This will be our students’ third participation as European MPs.

Проекти и събития

  • “Workshop to study Spain’s experience“
  • “Work in Europe – skills for success”
  • „Assessment of non-language disciplines taught through the CLIL methodology”
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