Job-shadowing of VET Staff: 35 teachers have been selected

Job-shadowing of VET Staff: 35 teachers have been selected by the consortium to go abroad:

  • 16 From Italy;
  • 5 from Bulgaria;
  • 5 from Portugal;
  • 5 from Belgium;
  • 4 from Germany.

During the last two years, despite the many difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have proudly and effectively established five national networks of VET organisations and we have already offered numerous opportunities for networking, exchange of good practices, as well as capacity and partnerships building.

ENNE job shadowing is based on good practices identified within the national networks and they aim to:

  • Give teachers the opportunity to observe and learn the best practices developed in other EU countries;
  • Inspire new ideas for teaching in VET;
  • Give hosting organisation the opportunity to interact with a teacher coming from another country and discuss today’s educational challenges and opportunities;
  • Create/strengthen connections between teachers and the potential partners capable of providing them with expertise and resources for their classrooms and schools.