COOPETAPE – Cooperativa de Ensino


COOPETAPE – Teaching Cooperative

Address: Rua Benemérito Joaquim Rosas 202,
Caminha, 4910-130


Telephone: +351 0742 21233




  • Business administration (ex. secretary)
  • Business services (ex. logistics)
  • Mechanics, mechatronics
  • Informatics and telecommunication
  • Graphics
  • Communication
  • Catering
  • Food production
  • Media
  • Arts
  • Sports

COOPETAPE – Teaching Cooperative develops initial educational and training plans, oriented to young people, and continuous, oriented to adults, in many training areas.

Its activity is carried out in many cities of Alto Minho (North of Portugal), namely: Valença, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Caminha, Vila Praia de Âncora, Viana do Castelo e Ponte de Lima.
For 20 years, this teaching cooperative has trained thousands of young people and hundreds of adults in training areas such as hotel and tourism, construction and civil engineering, graphic arts, environment and natural resources, management, commerce, informatics, among others, and always registering high levels of satisfaction.

The collaborators develop their activity in a logic of continuous improvement and always demanding high quality standards.
Among its educational offer, we can find the courses of:

  • Course of Multimedia Technician
  • Course of Graphic Arts Technician
  • Course of legal Services Technician
  • Course of Management and Programming of Informatic Systems Technician
  • Course of Equipment Design Technician
  • Course of Communication and Digital Service Technician
  • Course of Kitchen/Bakery Technician
  • Course of Restaurant/Bar Technician
  • Course of Reception Technician
  • Course of Sports Technician
  • Course of Automotive Mechatronics Technician
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