GO! Next Level X

GONEXT - level x - Mina Karmane

GO! Next Level X

Address: Vildersstraat 3
Hasselt, Limburg, 3500

Telephone: +32 011 21 10 10

Website: levelx.be


Students: 710
Staff: 195


  • Business administration (ex. secretary)
  • Business services (ex. logistics)
  • Marketing
  • Graphics
  • Chemistry
  • Healthcare
  • Social care
  • Beauty and hair

GO! Next Level X stands for secondary expert education: Level 1, Business, Care, Design, IT, STEM, Learning & Working and the Wereldklas.

A wide network within different sectors and higher education ensure good preparation for the future.


  • Erasmus+ project: “peeking at the neighbours”
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Sustainable Development Goals

ENNE Project coordinated an international online conference on November the 9th named VET4FUTURE. The conference introduced to the future of vocational education thanks to Mr.

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