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Provincial education Flanders

Address: Boudewijnlaan 20-21 Brussel, Brussels Gewest, 1000

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Students: 16000
Staff: 20


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Provincial Education Flanders is the umbrella organisation of the provincial schools and centres in Flanders. The predecessor of Provincial Education Flanders, the Cell for Provincial Education (CVPO), was founded in 1984. Provincial Education Flanders has existed in its current form since 2001.

The 5 Flemish provinces organise education in one or more forms. Secondary and adult education form the main part of the education on offer in the provinces.

In addition, the provinces also organise primary, part-time secondary and special education. Finally, there are also a number of provincial centres for pupil guidance (CLB).

The Board of Governors, chaired by Commissioner Luk Lemmens, draws up the general policy for Provincial Education Flanders. The members of the meeting consist of the five Flemish education delegates, each assisted by an education expert from their province, and the director of Provincial Education Flanders. The director, Griet Mathieu, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organisation and is assisted in this by the coordinator of the pedagogical guidance service, Marieke Van Nieuwenhuyze. The core tasks of Provincial Education Flandersadvocacy, guidance and continuing education – are central to the day-to-day running of the organisation.


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