Blended training course

Blended Training Course, offered by ENNE Project, will be held from February 2021 to April 2021.

The course is addressed to VET staff interested in knowing more and/or applying for International Cooperation Projects calls, in order to improve the educational experience of VET learners and staff.

The goal of the course is to provide guidance for the successful submission of International collaboration proposals in the field of VET and it will be based on an intensive preparatory phase and actual proposal writing.

The course will be practical: participants will have the opportunity to finish the course with a developed proposal, almost ready to be submitted to the funding Agency.
Participants will acquire theoretical knowledge and they will carry out practical activities, gaining valuable experience in project proposals.
Divided into smaller groups, they will carry out completely different tasks related to planning and writing a project proposal with the ultimate objective to have a ready-to-be-submitted proposal at the end of the course.

The course will involve participants coming from all national network countries and will give them the opportunity to establish potential partnerships for future application.