Transnational Mobilities


Transnational Mobilities of VET teachers is one of ENNE Project activity that will be organized from September 2021 to February 2022.

Most teachers have little or no experience in careers outside of education and, therefore, have difficulty accessing a clear understanding on how students will one day apply the knowledge and skills gained in their academic careers.
Job-shadowing based on best practices identified abroad will aim to:

  • Give teachers the opportunity to observe and learn the best practices developed in other EU countries;
  • Inspire new ideas for teaching in VET;
  • Give hosting organisations the opportunity to interact with a teacher coming from another country and discuss about today’s educational challenges and opportunities;
  • Create/strengthen connections between teachers and the potential partners capable of providing them with expertise and resources for their classrooms and schools

The starting point of the job-shadowing abroad for VET teachers will be the MOOC implemented which will be exploited as a window for showing and exchanging good practices among VET providers.
VET professionals will be able to search for the best practice they would like to learn abroad and will then apply for the placement grants made available by the project.
This phase will then start with the launch of an internal call for proposal and the gathering of candidatures of VET teachers: each teacher interested to experience the mobility abroad will analyze the best practices shown in the MOOC specific section and will prepare his/her job-shadowing project to be selected for funding.
Partners have made available through ENNE project budget 5 mobility grants for each national network and will select 5 beneficiaries. Each selected candidate will spend 1 week abroad learning from the best practices selected.


Each country will make available 10 mobility grants for learners willing to take part in a WBL experience abroad.

The 10 beneficiaries in each country will be selected through a contest to be launched in each project country. The winner of the contest will be selected for receiving a placement grant for a 2 weeks mobility experience abroad.

Vocational education and training enables people to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience they need to succeed in the labour market, whether for a particular job or for a broader range of occupations.

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