ITE “Feliciano Scarpellini” – Upper Secondary Technical Vocational Institute

ITE “Feliciano Scarpellini” – Upper Secondary Technical Vocational Institute

Address: Via Ciro Menotti, 1, N/A, Foligno, Umbria, PG, 06034, ITALY

Telephone: +39 0742 21233




  • Business administration
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  • Social Care

Main working field(s) of the Job-shadowing activity

The working field we are proposing for this job shadowing experience is inclusion and specific individualized curriculum plans for special needs students. This category includes students with disabilities or other needs such as dysgraphia, dyscalculia, social, cultural or psychological disadvantages.

Good practice or activities to share

ITE SCARPELLINI can be considered a social cohesion laboratory in the area because many activities are carried out in order to facilitate the social inclusion of disadvantaged students. Two different groups are working in this field GLI ( more generic, for all kinds of disadvantages ) team and Glo team ( for special need students with disabilities ) Principal, inclusion teachers, parents and specialists) GLO team The inclusion staff is composed of teachers with specific competences who have in charge one or more students to help them in the different subjects in compresence with the curricular teachers. A very detailed personalized school plan is filled for them and it is discussed with the class board and the parents and the student three times a year. It is a document that reports all the strategies, projects and actions necessary to safeguard the inclusion of the most vulnerable people. The plan is created in order to guarantee the growth and learning pace of each student, taking into account the report of specialists. The support teacher is a mediator and facilitator of the inclusion process GLI team For a wide group of special educational need students ( i.e dyscalculia, dysgraphia, cultural, linguistic, psychological disadvantage ) a) A specific Didactic Plan, shared with all the teachers of the school board, is created b) The school organizes extracurricular activities to help students who show low educational achievement such as educational desks, foreign language courses, Italian as foreign language courses, entertainment and sports activities, remedial courses, psychological counselling …Our school makes projects that stimulate other communication styles for different learning styles, for example, music, art, theatre. The special needs students from both groups can participate in the transnational tranship mobility.

Expectations for future collaborations

The school is strongly interested in comparing inclusion strategies and methodologies that other European countries are carrying out in the teaching/learning process. The objective is to improve methodologies and tools that are actually used in the daily approach to this kind of student. We think that the Italian school system has special attention to inclusion strategies but, in spite of this, it could be very interesting to experiment with new models and new tools in order to ensure a future for disadvantaged students.  

Expectations regarding the profile of staff to host

We would like to receive teachers from the inclusion staff of the sending school who could be able to understand the training programme content and share their own experience.

Overall program for the job-shadowing opportunity

Proposal for the 5 days programme 1st day – meeting with the Principal and the Inclusion staff Guided tour of the school Meeting with the students and ludic activities with them 2nd-day Analysis of the inclusion plan of the Insitute Guided tour of Foligno with the students of the Tourist course Dinner with typical products 3rd-day Analysis of the documents used to certify the inclusion iter Comparison of the inclusion system of the involved countries 4th-day Practical activities with special need students with different kinds of disabilities Visit of Perugia, Assisi and Spello with the inclusion staff and the students 5th-day Practical activities with the students and farewell lunch.

implementation period

We are proposing the following week, but we could change them accordingly to the needs of the coming teacher, if necessary



21/02 – 4/03 /2022

7-11 /03/2022

14-18 /03/2022


28-31/03 /2022

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