Address: Piaz.tta CASANOVA n. 4, Napoli, 80138, ITALY

Telephone: +39 081 451 038

Website: istitutocasanova.edu.it



Students: 1320
Staff: 40


  • Mechanics&Mechatronics
  • Graphics
  • Communication
  • Electronics
  • Social Care

I.S.I.S. ALFONSO CASANOVA is a VET High School providing both morning and evening courses. The Alfonso Casanova High School is based in Naples and it is one of the oldest technical-VET School of the city.

The courses aim to develop technical-professional skills and competencies needed to enter the European labour market. You can find below the list of courses taught at I.S.I.S. ALFONSO CASANOVA:

  • Social-Sanitary Services;
  • Maintenance and Technical Assistance,;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Graphics and Communication;
  • Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy.

The evening courses provided by I.S.I.S. ALFONSO CASANOVA are held in collaboration with CPIA Napoli 2 (Centre for Adult Education) and carried out in collaboration with local entities and associations experienced in training. These courses are addressed to young people and adults eager to develop technical-professional skills and competencies.

Our mission is to promote innovation in education, reinforcing students’ awareness about the European identity and values. I.S.I.S. ALFONSO CASANOVA is committed to promote social inclusion and support learners’ personal and professional growth.

The main goal of the School is to support students with difficulties though the promotion of a culture of peace and solidarity against all phenomena of violence and social and cultural prevarication.


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