High school specializing in scientific subjects “Ettore Majorana”


High school specializing in scientific subjects “Ettore Majorana”

Address: Via G. Motta, 87, Via San Giovanni La Punta, 95037

Telephone: +39  0956136760

Website: majoranaliceo.edu.it


Students: 1200
Staff: 130


  • Communication
  • Education
  • Science
  • Human Sciences
  • Foreign languages

The High school “Ettore Majorana” is based in San Giovanni la Punta (Catania, in Sicily).

It has four main curricula:

  • Science and Maths;
  • Languages – Humanities;
  • Human Sciences.

Our mission is to promote the values of civil society and democracy, enhancing EU citizenship. We do believe that it is crucial for students to develop their critical thinking and foster an educational community where teachers, students and parents can interact through an effective dialogue, contributing to leaners’ development.

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