VET High School “E. Orfini ”

Address: Viale Marconi 12, 06034 Foligno

Telephone: +39 0742 352930 



Students: 1100
Staff: 140


  • Mechanics&Mechatronics
  • Web Design
  • Graphics
  • Fashion
  • Healthcare
  • Social Care

The Professional Institute for Industry and Crafts “E. Orfini” is a vocational institute providing training for people aged between 13 and 18, located in Foligno, Italy, and founded in 1959.

Its mission is to follow the constant changes of the society giving the right opportunities to learners. The Institute is characterized by the presence of 5 learning curricula:

  • Maintenance and technical assistance;
  • Social and health services;
  • Textile and tailoring productions,;
  • Commercial promotion for advertising;
  • Dental technicians.

IPIA E. Orfini gives particular attention to training experiences in Italy and abroad, through work based learning experiences carried out both at local and European level.

The training offer of IPIA Orfini aims to promote the ability of students to explore the social, cultural and economic environment in where we live, also by supporting them to be active part of labor market, that is a first step for a participatory and active citizenship.

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