Escola Profissional de Campanhã

Teaching Cooperative Vocational School of the Youth Center of Campanhã

Address: Rua Pinheiro de Campanhã 468, Porto, 4300-415, PORTUGAL

Telephone: +351 225194150




  • Arts
  • Agriculture
  • Electronics
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Informatics and telecommunication

Main working field(s) of the Job-shadowing activity

Digital Security Multimedia, Sustainable Tourism Organic and Farming Ocean Literacy.

Good practice or activities to share

A safe community that constitutes the ideal space for participants to interact, exchange good practices and share ways according to the resolution. As a concept in continuous evolution, digital security encompasses the skills, attitudes and behaviour of Internet users, as well as the content they access and the digital context in which they work. A program that aims to encourage actions and work carried out by the school, within the scope of environmental education. Share methodology, training, teaching materials, support and framework for the work carried out by the school. A program whose mission is to promote ocean literacy in the school community and create a more responsible and participative generation that contribute to the sustainability of the ocean. The schools work on themes related to the sea, creating an Ocean Literacy community that brings together schools and other entities with an active role in marine education. The aim is to encourage schools to work with the ocean in a structured, interdisciplinary and socially reflected manner, either through the involvement of local communities or through the participation of different partners.

Expectations for future collaborations

Experience in some collaborations with national and international partners. For future collaborations, our expectations are that it will be possible to find partners available and interested in different exchange possibilities, such as exchange of students, KA1 teachers, KA2 projects, activation of online activities or others.

Expectations regarding the profile of staff to host

Expectations do not set limitations. Expected proactive, communicative. Diverse knowledge and sharing spirit. We would like to work on the topics of digital security, multimedia, sustainable tourism, organic farming or ocean literacy, however, we do not limit ourselves to these topics. We are open to proposals and other topics.

Overall program for the job-shadowing opportunity

Day 1: Travel, arrival and introduction to the host school.

Day 2: Examining the curriculum and training programs to work (different topics).

Day 3: Introducing the different projects carried out in the school and participation in a collaborative activity. / Study visit according to the workshop topics to different parts of the city of Porto.

Day 4: Participate in class on the work topic to be defined. Examine and participate in school activities.

Day 5: Study visit according to the workshop topics to different parts of the city of Porto / Termination of mobility and return.


Between February and April 2022 we have full availability of dates except for the period from April 9th 2022 to April 17th 2022 when the school is on school break.

Dates available: February 1, 2022 to April 8, 2022. April 18, 2022 to April 29, 2022.

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