Vocational school of transport “Vl. P. Minchev”


Vocational High School of Transport “Vladimir Petkov Minchev”, village of Vladimirovo

Address: village of Vladimirovo, Montana Region, 71, Vladimir Minchev Street

Telephone: +359 95 142 376/894472670

Website: www.daskalo.com/pgtvladimirovo



  • Construction
  • Transport

Main working field(s) of the Job-shadowing activity

The main field of activity in the vocational high school of transport “Vl. P. Minchev” is the training of students in specialities related to the transport industry. We provide training in specialities such as Road construction equipment, Auto transport equipment, Agricultural mechanization, Logistics of shipments and services. Our students are given the opportunity to acquire driving a motor vehicle in several categories. In addition, we hold our students and give them space to express themselves in all areas of interest them. It is a good practice for us for quality vocational education to go hand in hand with the arts, hobbies and interests of students.


Good practice or activities to share

As we mentioned, we from Minchev insist on quality, attractive and intriguing professional education. We develop different skills in our students by preparing them for national competitions in professions and beyond. In 2021, a school group of mechanics ranked 4th in a national competition for agricultural mechanization, and the folk dance group “Horce” became a semifinalist in the show Got Talent. This is an indicator of the development of various skills and the unlocking of wide potential in our students. In recent years, we have been trying to combine these useful skills of different nature, looking for direct links between hobbies and professions. Our innovation is conducting STEAM lessons – systems, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. With us, both in the online environment and in-person, colleagues can observe and take part in combined lessons of different nature, in which we skillfully combine vocational education and other subjects of interest to students. We have modern technologies, interactive classrooms, plant laboratory, STEM center, virtual reality room, workshops, dance hall. We believe that our innovation in combining professional subjects and arts will be of interest to colleagues.

Expectations for future collaborations

Expectations for working with the partner school are based on the exchange of experience in areas of interest. It is important for us not to stop updating and looking for innovations in quality vocational education. Any fresh idea is welcome and will be welcomed, refined, commented on and implemented. We expect to receive real feedback and communication. Advice, guidance and lasting future communication would be useful for us. We hope that our methodological approach to training will be an object of interest for future projects. For us, contact and communication with a partner school are especially important so that students can expand their perspectives and see new horizons. In 2021, we made professional mobility in Spain and it was a great opportunity for our students. They acquired new knowledge, skills and met new teachers, mentors and a learning and training process different from the one in Bulgaria. This brought them experiences that they could apply and implement in their lessons.


Expectations regarding the profile of staff to host

We expect to meet a motivated, interested and positive teacher to follow our work and innovations. We hope this will give him room to express ideas that will be useful both for him and for us.
Overall program for the job-shadowing opportunity
We plan to offer the following program:
Day 1: Welcoming and getting acquainted with the material and technical base of the school. Meeting with a student council and an introductory lesson.
Day 2: Follow-up of an interdisciplinary STEAM lesson Modern Agriculture Day 3: Cultural events, acquaintance with historical landmarks, time for entertainment, acquaintance with the various cultural, sports and art clubs at the school.
Day 4: Present a lesson or share good practice with the guest.
Day 5: Organizing a joint workshop for the exchange of ideas between the hosts and the guest.


The best period for conducting mobility for us would be the end of March or the beginning of April

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